martes, 10 de agosto de 2010


For a long time I wanted to create a blog and today I started to do it. This blog will be dedicated to several of my interest, movies, reading, but mostly Jane Austen; and in honor to her is its title "Querida Jane" (Dear Jane).

I did not know who Jane Austen was, I did not know that she even exist, shameful because I was twenty seven or twenty eight years old when I found myself interested into reading her job, and unlike hers there is no other books that makes me more happy.
My interest on movies led me to her, I had seen Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightley's version, twice, and I had found it so charming, one of the most beautiful love stories that I had seen represented at the movies, but without caring that it was based on a book. Finally was that afternoon when my husband and I enjoyed a similar movie, Becoming Jane, when Jane Austen ended conquering me.
The similarity between the two movies, although one of them was more realistic than the other, got my interest, that impossible love between Tomas Lefroy and a young Jane looked so special and real... that for a girl obssesed with love movies had to capture her, but was the last scene, that unreal scene in Jane's real life, when Tomas Lefroy, after several years, find the successful british writer, author of Pride and Prejudice, that didn't got married by choice and dedicated herself to the work she felt passion with, to write novels, the moment that I became an addict to everything Jane Austen means.

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